Website Hosting

Website Hosting provides Internet access to your website, with Website Hosting, you will not only have an extended way for customers to gain information about your company and the services/products you offer, but it will also aid you in advertising and marketing. The Internet has become one of the most readily used mediums for both gaining information about a business and purchasing products. By using Website Hosting, your company will gain the perks of a secure way to host your website, as well as the support you need to keep your site maintained.

E-Mail Hosting can provide a way for your business to reduce costs and the manpower needed to maintain a traditional e-mail server internally.

Fastnet1 delivers email via Internet Standard interfaces or Google Apps.

Whatever your requirements, Fastnet1 can help find the right solution.

We can help you manage your domain name, e-mail authentication, and e-mail reputation when sending messages to your customers. When looking for an e-mail hosting solution, finding the right solution can be quite challenging. Fastnet1 can help you pick the right e-mail solution by looking at all the requirements, whether they be regulatory or industry specific. Fastnet1’s hosted e-mail solutions can be customized for any situation.

With E-Mail Hosting you will have the security in knowing that your e-mail will be delivered securely at a cost that is affordable for your business. E-Mail Hosting can be a cost-effective alternative then supporting your e-mail server internally.

Fastnet1 can provide additional service add-ons to your E-Mail Hosting service such as Advanced E-Mail Spam Filtering, Business Continuity and Message Archiving. Please call or e-mail us and we would be happy to discuss these options with your business.